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Blessings in the Dark

If you’re going through tough times, this is a a good read. It was written and shared by one of the strongest people I know, while fighting the fight of her life!

Selena was a warrior princess who battled breast cancer 3x in her lifetime. She may have lost her third battle, but by no means did she lose the war, not by a long shot. Her Faith was victorious over cancer and ‘til this day her valiant spirit continues to live on … in the hearts of many, including mine, whose lives she touched with her message of Faith, Hope & Love. May she inspire you to see your blessings in the dark.

Blessings in the Dark

by Selena Seymour


Some thoughts for tonight…

I have often written about the unexpected blessings of how having cancer has brought beauty into my life. Life is a reflection of your perspective.

I allow myself the moments when I bury my head in my pillow and sob out the anxiety and utter exhaustion of having a chronic life-threatening illness. I allow the morbid thoughts to surface and run through me, always eventually exiting my soul, making more room for a spiritually grateful perspective on my life.

I had a Huckleberry Finn childhood. Growing up on a cattle farm in a tiny little western Washington town that housed an Indian Reservation amidst poverty and ignorance but was abundant in the wonders of evergreen landscapes filled with waters and lush forest amongst cornfields. Most of my childhood memories consist of floating inner tubes down the Chehalis River with my brothers in the summers, canoeing through the spring floods that threatened our home, and running through fields of snow, and spending countless hours in the woods building forts and daring the mudslides. All the priceless memories of whimsical adventure and enlightening discovery outweigh the loveless dominance of the man that scared my brothers and me into submission. I knew as a young child that my father lived in heaven and that he was watching over me. He still watches over me. I started praying to my father before I even knew of God and in adulthood made the connection that God is my father.

Tonight was an evening when the morbid thoughts crept in. The scariest of them all is leaving my sweet extraordinary son on this earth without me at such a young age. I never had my father but I felt him my whole life and I trust that the people who love me the most will keep me alive in Joaquin’s life.

These dark morbid thoughts remind me of the true gifts of life; giving, inspiring, accomplishing, loving, and encouraging and opening your soul and heart up to what the world has to offer you. I open my heart up to the world and the beauty in life comes pouring in, proof that there are amazing blessings in the dark.


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