About Me

Hey guys. Welcome! My name is Meyzel, I’m a single mom to two daughters who loves Jesus with all my heart. I’ve been blessed with two sweet girls, a 10-going-on-30 yr old hilarious loving Tweener and a sweet Angel in Heaven who is my Northern Star.

I earned my BA in Business at the UW (Go Dawgs!) but decided to switch gears and went into nursing. I’ve always had an adventurous spirit since I was little, ready to explore and experience everything that life has to offer. This blog is to share all my adventures – both inward and outward – along with some incredible stories of Faith and tips discovered through my explorations.

Please don’t be shy to leave your comments, share your own tips and recommendations. I love hearing other people’s insights and discoveries, too. I can’t wait to get on this journey and share life’s adventures, ups, downs, left and right turns with you. Let the journey begin!