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What You Don’t Know About Braveheart

Randall Wallace and the Birth of Braveheart.

For those who haven’t heard of him, Randall Wallace is a writer-director who wrote the screenplay for the movie Braveheart. In 2011, he gave a moving speech at the  National Prayer BreakfastBelow is an excerpt from his speech.

“… … … so I got down on my knees, I had nowhere else to go and I prayed a simple prayer. I said, ‘Lord, what I really care about what really matters to me are those two boys. And maybe they don’t need to grow up in a great big house, and a swimming pool….maybe they need to see what a man does when he gets knocked down the way my father showed me. And if that’s what’s best for them then I pray, you let me take it! But I pray if I go down in this fight that I not do it on my knees to someone else. But standing up with my flag flying.’ Then I got up and started to write the words that led to Braveheart.

What if prayer is a way to glimpse God’s true intentions, the divine purpose for each of us. I’m not a theologian, I’m not looking for logic. I’m only trying to understand my experience that prayer matters. Does it change the mind of God, I don’t know. All I can tell you is that it changes me.

I’m sometimes thought of as a rarity in Hollywood, a filmmaker who’d speak freely about faith, about prayer, but in reality I’m not so rare. All of my fellow dreamers know too well the fleeting nature of beauty, the falseness of fame, the pettiness of power. … … Some of you here lead nations, some of you here lead the world, but all of us here have one heart inside us. And it’s within that one heart where the whole battle is fought. There’s many ways to deal with the ultimate questions of God as there are people on the planet earth. But every one of us must stand alone before all that made us, and all that we have been, and all that we might be and dying in your bed many years from now. Would you not trade all the days from that day to this for one chance just one chance to come back here and open your heart before God Almighty and say, ‘I WILL LOSE MY LIFE and I WILL WIN IT IN LOVING ALL THE WAYS YOU LEAD MY HEART TO LOVE’ You have a prayer. Pray it. Amen” ~ Randall Wallace

My Despair’s Braveheart

I heard his speech around the time it came out. I was about to send an email to share it with some people when it dawned on me that one of my experiences is similar to his. This is an excerpt from my article “Confessions of a Mother’s Heart”

“Hence, the pain worsened and the meltdowns intensified. It came to a point where it was so excruciating that I begged God to take me. I didn’t want to take my own life and won’t, but I begged him to take my life. It was my deepest darkest hour and I could no longer take the thorn recklessly shoved in my heart. I sobbed all night and begged Him to take me with Him. I couldn’t bear to leave Sephea behind, so truth be told, I asked Him to take both of us with Him. I cried for hours into the morning. All throughout my grief, I didn’t stop talking to Him. After a few hours somehow my prayer for death became a plea for strength. Through that intense pain and pitch-black darkness, I somehow ended up proclaiming a vow that I will bear my cross and embrace my thorn with open arms everyday if I need to, if He only promises me that I can be with Raquel someday in what I think was a small glimpse of heaven that I was allowed to see/feel weeks after she passed away.”

A few days later, Raquel’s 1st Angel year came on Black Saturday 2010. The following morning I experienced the most glorious moment and the turning point of my whole life, EASTER SUNDAY 2010! (Please see “An Awakening: The Day She Went Away for the story in its entirety).

PRAYER: Turning Rock Bottom Into Purpose

And THIS is how God gave me my own kind of Braveheart. Out of the hollowness of my own darkness & despair, God revealed His Light. In my life, Wallace’s Braveheart = My Easter Sunday. Mine may not have brought me money or fame but it brought the same powerful revelation of God’s love into my life and I couldn’t ask for anything more! Oh, the beauty of God’s love!

His Loving Arms are always just patiently waiting for every single one of us to wrap us in His Grace. If there ever comes a point in your life when you hit rock bottom and the world looks bleak, go deep into your heart and listen to Him say,

“I am especially fond of you.” ~The Shack by WP Young


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